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    Bush News was a newsletter generated by the GreenBrook Association and published from 1989 to 1998. Produced quarterly it was distributed to 3000 households along Kedron Brook. Costs were covered by local business and the publication’s overall aim was to enhance public perceptions of the value of natural areas, particularly within an urban setting. Content was edited by the group’s leader Frank Box and members were encouraged to contribute. Today it provides a fascinating historical snapshot of the concerns and interests of a vital bush regeneration group in suburban Brisbane in the last decade of the twentieth century. It also provides a reliable historical source for sightings of unusual fauna and flora in the area. Not only is it an invaluable resource for the GreenBrook Association but it is also a useful reference for a much wider community interested in the natural world. In the final edition long term member Bob Devine writes: “The goal of Bush News has been to draw attention to the many creatures who share our living space. Sadly some of these have disappeared over the last decade. Whether others will follow depends on how we mange the space; the choice is ours.”

    In the 20 years since Bob penned these words many more species have vanished. However in October 2020 a three hour walk through Grange Forest Park saw a bird spotter record over 50 species of birds, including three that were nesting. For an urban park this close to the city centre this is very encouraging and almost certainly would not be be the case without the efforts of groups like the GreenBrook Association.

    All 40 editions of Bush News can be accessed on this page in chronological order.

    Bush News 01 Winter 1989

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    Bush News 17 Winter 1993

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    Bush News 19 Summer 1993/94

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    Bush News 23 Summer 1994/95

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    Bush News 27 Summer 1995/96

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    Bush News 29 Winter 1996

    Bush News 30 Spring 1996

    Bush News 31 Summer 1996/97

    Bush News 32 Autumn 1997

    Bush News 33 Winter1997

    Bush News 34 Spring 1997

    Bush News 35 Summer1997/98

    Bush News 36 Autumn 1998

    Bush News 37 Winter1998

    Bush News 38 Spring 1998

    Bush News 39 Summer 1998

    Bush News 40 Autumn 1999